Composers III

Can your child name the composer who could write music he would never hear? Did you know that The Blue Danube was not accepted in Europe but when played in America it became Strauss' greatest achievement. What famous composer fell asleep during the playing of the world famous Franz Liszt? Did you know that the Nutcracker Ballet has gotten more people interested in "classical" music than any other music in the world?

Give your children a love for "classical" music while they are young. Color the Classics will help them to understand the history behind the pieces of timeless music. In our first book, Godly Composers, we chose men who sought after glorifying God through their music. In the second composer book we do not present the composers in the same light. Some of the musicians honored God and some did not. By the era of the composers in our third in the composer series, music was no longer written to glorify God. The purpose of this work is to present the lives of four composers to help you teach your children to enjoy their music. Composers III includes: Beethoven, Strauss,Jr., Brahms and Tchaikovsky.

How the Program Works

  • Have the child start coloring or painting an illustration.
  • Take the information from the book that describes that illustration and retell this information as a story.
  • Play the music that belongs to the illustration.
  • Have the children finish the picture.

This multi-sensory approach will lock the experience in your child's mind.

The original purchasers of these books have the right to reproduce the illustrations for use with their own children only.

(Total time for Composers III CD: approx. 60 minutes)



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