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Yankees fight for "Independence"
(Excerpt taken from Color the Patriotic Classics Book)

Approximately 20 years later, when the colonists fought for Independence in the American Revolution, they used this song as their national tune. They sang the song all over the colonies as a reminder to the British that they may be doodles but they were at least winning doodles. By 1781, during the revolution's last battle, Washington decided to attack a small village that had been captured by British General Cornwallis and his approximate 7,500 men. With shovels and picks 1,000 of Washington's men dug through the soil and created trenches within a very close firing range of Yorktown. Washington brought his artillery and shelled the small village in what is known as the Battle of Yorktown.

Yankee Doodle
(Excerpt taken from Color the Patriotic Classics CD)

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