Carmen Ziarkowski home schooled her three children for 20 years from pre-K through High School.  In an effort to impart a love for great music, Carmen would read multiple biographies on a composer looking for information that she could share with her then four year-old daughter (Destiny). This approach worked well until a second child came along. After that, the time for so much research evaporated.

At this point she came to the realization that similar time pressures would prevent many from imparting such an appreciation of this music (particularly Christ-honoring music) to their children. That was the purpose for writing Color the Classics back in 1991: to give a simple, schedule-friendly tool to parents so they can expose their children to this time-honored music in such an easy yet effective way. 

The pieces of music are not excerpts. They are full orchestral pieces of our chosen composers that will impart the sense that there is a God-given purpose in music. Without getting into whether this "music" is bad and another piece of "music" is good, we believe that if you'll just expose your children to the lives of these men (and one woman in our series) and their timeless music, your children will figure it out as they become more and more familiar with each composer.